The Best Eye Cream for Baggy Eyes

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Baggy eyes can make the youngest and freshest of us look like we’ve seen better days. Whether from genetic causes, allergies, lack of rest or aging, baggy eyes may never fully disappear. However, a combination of rest, cool compresses, cucumber or potato slices placed on the eyes and a proper diet, including plenty of water to drink, can help greatly. The last piece of the puzzle is finding the best eye cream for baggy eyes.

Prescriptives Vibrant-C Skin Brightening Eye Cream

This cream touts caffeine as one of its main active ingredients, which has been found to be effective by experts at Real Simple in de-puffing the area under the eye by forcing fluid out of the cells . The website, which uses the best professional reviews and user reviews to make its recommendations, rated this Prescriptives cream as its best pick for puffy eyes, noting its overall positive user reviews as well as the effectiveness of caffeine.

flaws no more® r3p eye-Dr. Brandt

This top 15 pick from features caffeine along with peptides and vitamins A, C, and E. This combination removes undereye puffiness while antioxidants repair sun damage and the appearance of lines and aging skin. users have given high ratings to this cream, and reviews over the internet are generally favorable.

St. Ives Cucumber & Elastin Eye & Face Stress Gel

If you can get some of this hard-to-find eye gel—it has been discontinued—get as many as you can and put them in the refrigerator., and other review site users rated this cooling gel very highly. Cucumber extract and allantoin smooth and remove puffiness, while elastin firms the skin. This gel is an absolute steal compared to other high-priced items out there, and it lasts a long time, so it is at least worth a try. Keep on the lookout as St. Ives may bring this back as part of its newly packaged and reformulated line.

L'Oreal's Hydra Fresh Circle Eraser

CBS Early Show featured this product on its edition on the latest in eye creams. While the user reviews are mixed on this gel cream’s ability to reduce dark circles, even reviewers on, and who were not in love with the product commented on how it removed puffiness. If you are looking for a dual purpose product, this may not be the one for you, but it may be perfect if puffiness is your main enemy. It contains caffeine as one of its active ingredients and vitamin C to repair prior sun damage. It can also be found for under $10, making it worth a try.