The Best Curling Irons for Fine, Thinning, Curly Hair

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Fine hair is delicate, because it is thin and baby soft. This type of hair damages very easily from coloring or heat styling. If you have fine hair, look for curling irons with heat settings. Most curling irons have high, medium and low settings, but some curling irons have actual degree settings listed, so you know how hot the curling iron can get. You can also slather heat-protecting products on your hair before using the iron.

Spring Barrel Irons

Spring barrel irons are easy to use on any hair type. Fine hair looks pretty with soft curls, and a spring barrel can create this style. A spring barrel may have a thin or large barrel, depending on how big the curls are intended to be. Spring barrels clasp onto hair and then curl in several different directions. You can curl hair up or under. Spring barrels can also create spiral curls. These types of curling irons are easy to use and range in price from less than $25 to $250, depending on the brand.

Triple Barrel Curling Irons

Triple barrel curling irons create a nice look on fine hair by curling a large section of hair at one time. This type of curling iron creates thick waves. However, keep the heat setting under 150 degrees Fahrenheit. If there is not a specific degree setting, try to keep the curling iron on low or medium, and hold the curling iron in place longer.

Dual Curling Irons

Dual curling irons are also very easy to use on fine hair. Even though fine hair is baby soft, you can create full curls with a dual curling iron. Dual irons have two heads with one handle. These curling irons curl more sections of hair faster, which is good for fine hair. These curling irons usually have several heat settings for safety. Again, less heat is better for fine hair. If you do want to use more heat, apply a heat protector to your hair first. Get split ends trimmed often, and deep condition your hair. Brush your hair several times before curling, and use hair spray, because fine hair takes longer to hold a curl.