The Best Birthday Ideas for Women

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When a special woman in your life has a birthday coming up, you want to celebrate it with her by treating her to thoughtful gifts and romantic sentiments. Commemorate this special occasion with a memorable birthday celebration and gifts she will treasure for years.

Breakfast In Bed

Treat the woman in your life to breakfast in bed for her birthday. Give her the chance to sleep in while you cook her a homemade breakfast. Fill a food tray with her breakfast, juice or coffee and a slim flower vase with a single rose in it. Wake her up with breakfast in bed and give her the chance to take the rest of the day off to relax for her birthday.

Surprise Birthday Party

Throw a surprise party for her birthday. Get ahold of her address book or ask a close friend or family member for a list of her friends. Contact her boss for phone numbers of her co-workers that she is friends with. Prepare ahead of time to send out invitations, choose a venue and decide on the decorations. Plan the surprise party around her favorite things, including the theme, food, drinks and party games. Have her spouse or close family member take her out for her birthday and bring her to the chosen venue instead.

Housecleaning Service

Give her the chance to enjoy more free time and less work by hiring a housecleaning service. Hire the service for one day to do extensive cleaning in her home and give her a day off, or hire them for once a month to do housecleaning. Many cleaning services charge either by the hour, the size of the house or the type of cleaning to be done. For instance, "spring cleaning" will cost significantly more than a basic cleaning, which would include dusting, vacuuming and mopping.

Romantic Getaway

Take her on a romantic getaway to enjoy a vacation for two or a second honeymoon. Take her to a destination she has mentioned wanting to visit, or surprise her with a brand new place that is rumored to be romantic and fit for couples. Contact the hotel ahead of time to have the honeymoon suite ready and stocked with champagne and rose petals spread on the bed. Spend the vacation treating her to a stress-free getaway.

Keepsake Gifts

Keepsake gifts make up some of the best gifts for women. Get her an engraved jewelry box with a new piece of jewelry or a keepsake box filled with photographs and items from her childhood. Get the family together to participate in making her a keepsake scrapbook, by giving each family member a page in the scrapbook to include his own photographs, memories and creativity. Pick her a bouquet of wildflowers and give them to her in an engraved or hand-painted vase.