The Best Bib Overalls

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Bib overalls can be functional, fashionable or both. What you want to use the overalls for, whether work or everyday wear, determines what type of material to look for. Work overalls, for example, feature heavy-duty buckles, extra pockets and straps for tools, and insulation for cold weather. Bib overalls feature a front panel that covers the chest area and two straps that go over the shoulders to attach in the front.

Best Work Overalls

The best work overalls are comprised of a heavy-duty outer shell made from canvas or other rip-resistant and protective material. They also feature insulation for cold weather with soft lining that's comfortable against the skin. Many have leg zippers that allow the wearer to step into them without taking off their boots. Carhartt makes some of the highest-rated bib overalls, according to customer reviews, such as the Carhartt Men's Quilt Lined Duck Bib Overall.

Best Fashion Overalls

The latest trend for men is wearing one-piece outfits, including overalls. While some people consider overalls a style of the past -- including the way many men wore overalls with the straps hanging down behind their backs in the early 1990s -- others believe overalls are making a comeback. The best fashion overalls feature lightweight, comfortable material including denim and corduroy. The Women's Railroad Stripe Overalls by the Duluth Trading Company is one of the highest reviewed bib overalls for both fashion and functionality.

Best Comfort Overalls

The most comfortable overalls are those lined with soft material or composed entirely of cotton corduroy or stonewashed for a softer feel. They are functional, with pockets and loops for tools, yet fashionable enough to wear into town. Cabela's Women's Corduroy Bibs received a 4.8 out of 5 rating from customers, all of whom would recommend them to friends.

Best Traditional Overalls

Traditional overalls are made of denim and look a lot like the overalls worn by farmers and ranchers 100 years ago, with a high crossover in the back where the straps attach. The denim is dark and stiff, and only begins to lighten and loosen after years of wear. The sturdy material is meant to hold up against construction and farm work. Dickies Men's Denim Rigid Bib Overalls received high reviews from many customers.