The Best Bachelor Party Ideas

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Before most men get married, the tradition of having a memorable party with their fellow men is one that many enjoy. While many bachelor parties are known for the wild and sometimes offensive antics that occur, there are some alternative ideas to celebrate the final days of the prospective groom's single life. So long as he has his good friends with him, and a best man with a plan, the bachelor party should be a night they will never forget.

Sports Day Party

There are not many guys who wouldn’t enjoy a day at the big event; whether it’s football, basketball or another sport, box office seats and complimentary drinks and snacks make it an event to remember.

Outdoor Adventures

Getting a gang of good friends together isn’t something that happens often during married life, so a bachelor party is the perfect opportunity to do something fun and adventurous such as paint-balling, rock-climbing or hunting.


A lot of men enjoy a bit of gambling at their bachelor party. This can be kept as a low-key affair in the house with a boy's poker night and some drinks and party food, which makes it a good option for a bachelor party on a budget. For the more glamorous, and more expensive alternative, a trip to the local casino or even a weekend in Las Vegas is sure to be a party to remember.


Traditionally a stable ingredient of any bachelor party, strippers aren’t losing any of their appeal when it comes to planning one last wild night for the groom-to-be. They can come to your house party or you can take the party to the strip club, just be sure to get the green light from the groom and, perhaps more importantly, his bride-to-be.

Camping Trip

This is an alternative option to the stereotype modern-day bachelor parties. A group of good friends, camping in the great outdoors, perhaps mixing a little bit of fishing or hunting in with some drunken stories of the good old times by the fire.

Extreme Sports

Extreme sports such as sky-diving, white-water rafting or a snowboarding trip are pulsating, high-action events most men would love to do but may never get around to. What better time to do it than at a bachelor party?