The Best 9 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift for Your Husband

Your ninth wedding anniversary should include gifts, celebration and excitement as if it is your first. Picking the right gift for your husband can be a tricky task after nine years, but consider something traditional such as pottery and leather or a more modern gift that fits your lifestyle.


Choosing a traditional nine-year anniversary gift of leather for a man will leave you with a few options including a wallet, belt or motorcycle gear if he is a motorcycle enthusiast. A quality personalized leather wallet makes an ideal gift that a man can utilize daily and will remind him of your love. You can purchase a wallet from an online personalized gift retailer or local leather professional and have them customize it with a personal message and wedding date.


A pottery gift will make for a difficult search to find something that will appeal to a man since most pottery is related to home decor. An outdoor pottery hearth will allow you and him to enjoy a warm fire on cold nights or host friends for an evening outside. They are available at big box retailers and home improvement stores in a variety of styles and colors to match your house. You can hand-paint a message and date directly onto the hearth to add some extra flare.


A romantic vacation for just the two of you will allow you to enjoy each other and reminisce on the last nine years. A Caribbean getaway offers the ideal setting with warm tropical weather, a relaxing beach atmosphere and many romantic destination resorts catering to couples. Choose a resort that has recreational activities and amenities that your husband will enjoy as well as a few romantic restaurants. All-inclusive resorts offer everything you need for one price where you and your husband can spend the day relaxing and not have to worry about paying for anything, as it is all included.

Traditional Dinner

The traditional night out with dinner, a long walk and a show will allow you and your husband time to enjoy each other's company without breaking the bank. Take him out to a nice restaurant and plan activities for afterwards that allow you to talk and remember the past as well as look forward to the future. A movie, theater show or concert will add a touch of excitement to the night.