The Benefits of Silica for Hair

Most hair-care professionals agree that the type of food you eat and your general health greatly contribute to the beauty of your hair. Strong, beautiful hair starts with diet and good health. Many different types of vitamins help your hair grow and remain healthy. There are also quite a few minerals involved in the process of growing hair. Silica is one: You'll find there are benefits for your hair if you take silica.

Building Block

Silica is one of the building blocks of hair. It's necessary to create new hair.


If your hair breaks off easily, silica supplements help give it new elasticity.

Aids in Blood Circulation

.Since it's part of the synthesis of collagen and elastin, silica builds vascular walls, which helps the blood flow to the hair bulb.

Slows Hair Loss

Silica, taken with calcium and iron, reduces or prevents hair loss.

External Application

Studies in the former Soviet Union indicate that not only does silica in the diet reduce hair loss, but when organic silica is added to shampoo, it, too, helps slow or stop the process.

Slows Aging

Silica stimulates the cells' metabolism. This also slows down the process of aging, which tends to cause thinner hair.