Thank You Card Message Ideas

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Finding the words to convey a “thank you” can be difficult. Remembering a few key elements to include in your thank you message can make the writing process less challenging. It is always important to be concise and come across as sincere. Personalized messages should be heartfelt and meaningful, so take the time to put some thought into each note. You’ll feel good about yourself for adequately conveying your thoughts, and the recipient will feel good about themselves and their relationship with you.

Thanks for a Gift

Mention gifts directly in your thank you messages. Describe how much you love them, what they mean to you or what you plan to do with them. A graduation card might read, “Thanks so much for the money. It will be useful in getting the materials I need for college.” A baby shower thank you might say, “We really appreciate the cute teddy bear outfit. We can't wait to show off baby wearing this outfit.”

Thanks for Coming

Communicate appreciation for someone’s attendance. A wedding thank you might declare, “We are so happy that you could come celebrate this special moment with us.” Think about why you invited the guest and express this in your note. Examples include, “My housewarming party was all the more special because you were there. You have a natural gift of making everyone feel comfortable, and I love that about you . . .” or “It meant so much to have you at my anniversary party. We are blessed to be able to share the special events of our life with you.”

Thanks for Your Support

Do not be afraid to convey your feelings to those who have helped you perform a task or provided emotional support during trying times, such as a loved one’s death. Reveal how grateful you are for their selflessness and compassion. For example, “Your presence at this trying time meant a great deal to me. Thank you for being there.” Send a note to a member of the military with the sentiment, “Thank you for what you do every day to protect and represent America. Your actions don’t go unnoticed and are greatly admired and appreciated.”

Thanks for Your Business

Saying thanks is essential to maintaining strong business relationships and can lead to increased business. Faithful clients and customers throughout the year are often sent thanks during the holiday season. Include your contact information or business card. A speaker might write, “Thank you for inviting me to speak at your event. I had a wonderful time talking with everyone.” Send loyal customers a card and coupon stating, “Your business is greatly appreciated. We would like to extend our thanks by giving you this special offer.”

Delivery Methods

Consider alternatives to sending cards through the mail. For an extra special touch, record your voice message for a faraway loved one on an audio card. E-cards are more informal but are eco-friendly and offer animated card selections. Creative options include using printed photo cards or including a photo or gift with your note. Send a photo of baby wearing her new outfit, and add humor with a bubble quote saying, “Thanks for the outfit. Don’t I look adorable?” A note attached to a small bag of candy or candy bar might read, “Thanks for being so sweet.”