Ten Signs You Need a Divorce

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Recognizing signs of trouble serve as a crucial first step in making the decision to divorce, whether it is through sheer gut instinct or obvious signs like an affair or abuse. Take steps to protect yourself, your family and your assets when all attempts at reconciliation are exhausted and the signs of divorce are imminent. There are some obvious and not so obvious signs to indicate a troubled relationship and a possible need for divorce.

Four Communication Signs

Four of the signs you need a divorce may involve a change in the way you relate and communicate with one another. One sign is a lack of communication or an active reluctance to initiate or maintain verbal communication or non-verbal conversation. Also, look for signs like an obvious reluctance to talk about your future together. Hiding letters or taking measures to assure privacy during phone calls may also indicate trouble. Another sign you may need a divorce includes every conversation or verbal interaction turning into a fight or disagreement.

Three Signs of How Time is Spent

The next three signs involve how and where a partner spends time. A sudden, extreme change in work schedule, a partner who spends more late hours at work or shows no interest in being with you are all signs that you may need a divorce. Another sign of trouble may involve a partner finding reasons to leave the house or making plans to spend time away from home. A spouse who suddenly develops a need for privacy may also indicate that problems exist in the marriage relationship.

Three Physical Signs

Marriage depends on mutual trust and a level of deep, physical and emotional intimacy. Signs of trouble that may appear in the physical relationship between you include a partner that talks about other people in intimate or physical terms, becomes uninterested in the physical or sexual relationship or has become emotionally distant or detached when you are together physically.

Other Obvious Signs

Any relationship where one or both partners are involved in some type of abusive behavior has little chance of surviving for long. Physical, verbal or emotional abuse are indicators of deeper issues and serve as strong signs to get out of a marriage. A partner who makes an obvious gesture to allow special days like anniversaries, birthdays or holidays to go by without a card or gift may have lost interest in the marriage.