How to Tell the Truth (When it Hurts)

Telling a loved one the truth about something that you know will hurt them can be difficult. This is why many people lie. What these people don't realize is that the truth will likely come out later and all the additional lies will only add to the hurt and the pain of their loved one. The best thing to do is to tell the truth in the least hurtful way. Read on to learn how.

Go over what your going to say before hand. This will help you prepare, so that you don't forget anything and you are able to say everything that you need and want to say. Some people benefit from writing it down beforehand to keep it organized in their head.

Sit your loved one down and let them know that you have something to tell them and it isn't good. It is important to not lead them to believe that you are about to surprise them with good news, as this will only add to the let down.

Tell it like it is. Just come right out and say it and don't leave anything out. It is also important not to shy away when your loved one asks questions, as they need these answers to begin the healing process. Leaving these questions unanswered will only be like leaving open wounds that can't heal and they will continue to hurt your relationship.

Give your loved one a shoulder to cry on. Even though you are likely to blame for the bad news, it will still help your loved one to know that you are truly sorry and that you care about their feelings, if you are willing to help them grieve through this rough time.