How to Tell Your Boyfriend You Love Him

Telling your boyfriend you love him is a very important step in your relationship. It can be difficult to say it out loud to the one you care about, especially if you haven't said it many times before. If you think you and your boyfriend are both ready to hear those three words, follow these steps.

Decide on a place where you will tell him that you love him. Think about a certain memory that is especially romantic to you, and go back to that place. Ask yourself if there are any significant days coming up when it would be appropriate and romantic to tell him.

Set the mood. There's no need to make sure every little detail is perfect. Be sure that you don't lose sight of your romantic tone in all the commotion of worrying how you will tell him.

Get his attention. Look your boyfriend directly in the eyes, hold his hand and face him completely.

Tell him exactly what you enjoy about him, why you are happy being with him or how much you appreciate him. Let him know how lucky you feel to have him.

Say "I love you" after these statements. If you are still nervous about just saying those three words, make your sentence longer. For example, say something like "I realize I love you." Once you have said "I love you," tell him as many times as you can just how much you do love him.

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