Teen Boy's Easter Basket Idea

The older your children get, the more you may struggle to fill their Easter baskets. Although the typical candies and sweets may still apply, your teen boy will probably not be interested in the plastic toys and trinkets often found in younger children’s baskets. Here are a few ideas for Easter basket additions sure to please almost any teen boy.

Gift Cards

Boys are pretty picky about almost everything at this age, but gift cards are an easy to way to keep them happy. Fill the basket with inexpensive gift cards, such as those that can be used at music sites and gas stations. Another option is movie tickets.


There’s no shortage on the newsstands of magazines that teen boys are interested in. Some popular publications include PC Gamer, Rolling Stone and Computer Gamer. Or sign up for yearly subscriptions of the magazines and place the filled-out subscription cards in the basket.


It’s very likely that your teen boy has an iPod or some other music-playing device. Upgrade his earphones with a new set of ear buds or headphones. Prices for these can range from less than $10 to more than $200, so there is an option for every Easter basket budget.

Curfew-Extension Coupons

Create a booklet of ten 30-minute curfew extensions that your teen son can use at his choosing. He’ll be thrilled to have some extra, parent-sanctioned time with his friends.

Sports Equipment

If your son is involved with sports, put some new gear in the basket. Options include baseballs, athletic clothing (such as Under Armor shirts), hats, mouth guards or new sneakers. A T-shirt featuring his favorite sports team will usually be appreciated. You can even use a bicycle or football helmet as his Easter basket and put all of the goodies inside.


Keep your teen boy smelling pleasant with a small bottle of his favorite cologne. If he doesn’t have a favorite scent, talk to a sales associate at your local department store to see what is popular with boys his age. Other ideas for toiletry Easter basket gifts could be new razors, deodorant, shaving cream or an electric razor. Throw in a bottle of sunscreen for the summer season.