Tea Party Ideas for Boys

tea drinking image by Alexander Ivanov from Fotolia.com

Once the province of ladies and little girls, tea parties are no longer obviously gender specific, and many children of both sexes find them enjoyable and entertaining. They are also not the Victorian tea-and-crumpet affairs of the past, but venues for energetic games, socializing with friends or even for learning new skills or indulging in craft activities.

Dinosaur Tea Party

Serve “swamp water” (mix orange and root beer soda or other contrasting colored soft drinks--the muddier it looks the better) with dinosaur-shaped sugar cookies. Decorate the table with a khaki-colored paper cloth, and use camping-style tin cups and plates. Pass out inexpensive binoculars and bush helmets (available at party suppliers online and elsewhere) for the boys to wear. Have a fossil dig in the sandbox with pre-seeded dinosaur relics--plastic dinosaur toys and candy-filled plastic dino eggs. Kids can take home the toys as souvenirs of the day.

Super Heroes Tea Party

Get all the boys to come dressed as a favorite superhero--Iron Man, Wolverine or whichever hero strikes his fancy. Scan and enlarge pages from comic books to print on oversized paper for use as placemats. Use a variety of bright primary colors (red, yellow and blue) for utensils and other tableware. Hold racing, jumping and other athletic contests for the heroes to prove their skills, and when they are too tired to continue those, treat them to a viewing of the latest superhero movie on DVD. Do not forget the popcorn. Belle’s Printables offers a free template you can print on card stock; cut and fold to make movie-style popcorn boxes.

Scavenger Hunt Tea Party

On a pad of paper, neatly print a list of cups, tea bags, spoons, tea pot, sugar cubes, cakes or other tea party-related items you can think of. Make or buy toy versions of any items that hiding away somewhere is likely to spoil (like cupcakes for example). Before the boys arrive, hide all the items on the list inside the house or out on the lawn (wherever the party will take place). As the guests arrive, hand each one a copy of the list, then tell them the story of how the Mad Hatter carried off all the tea party things and they must go out and find them. Turn them loose to see who can scavenge the most items. When the tea party is assembled, set everyone down for a much-deserved round of tea and cakes.