Table Ideas for a First Communion Party

First Communion is a rite of passage in many Christian churches. In Holy Communion, a Christian shares bread and wine or grape juice in remembrance of Jesus’ Last Supper and subsequent death on the cross. Astronaut Buzz Aldrin took Communion on the moon in 1969; the bread and wine were the first food and drink consumed on the moon, signifying its importance to Christians around the world. Since First Communion is a milestone in a child's religious life, many families like to celebrate the occasion with a reception or party after the church service.


Have a photo taken in advance of your child in his First Communion outfit. Frame copies of the photo and place in the center of the tables. Alternatively, print the photo on vellum paper in sepia tones and glue onto clear, cylinder candles. For another centerpiece idea, place a small loaf of bread or a roll, a bunch of grapes and a chalice on a large tray to represent the bread and wine of communion. Another idea is to get together with others taking their first communion for a paint-your-own chalice party at a local pottery shop. Each child will have her own souvenir of the big day as well as her masterpiece displayed in the centerpiece.

Themed Centerpieces

Butterflies symbolize new life and are appropriate for a First Communion celebration. Add butterflies to a flower arrangement and scatter butterfly confetti on the table top. Use rocks, representing the church's foundation, in centerpieces; try polished stones or small rocks engraved with faith words such as "believe," "inspire," "family" and "hope." White is the color of purity and new beginnings while doves represent the Holy Spirit; scatter dove confetti around a white flower arrangement or use dove treat boxes as table favors.

Budget Centerpieces

If your First Communion party is on a budget, buy honeycomb tissue centerpieces with large crosses at a party supply store. For elegant centerpieces using items you probably already have, fill glass bowls with water tinted with a drop or two of food coloring and float a white flower or candle in each. Another table decorating idea is to place a few rocks in the bottom of white gift bags with handles; tie the handles closed with white ribbons and helium balloons.