Sweet Things to Get Engraved for Your Man

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You're crazy about the man in your life and you want to show him how much you love him. Try an engravable gift with a sweet sentiment. The message should be engraved on something he'll use or carry with him. The gift and sentiment will last for decades, so put some thought into it.


Engravable jewelry makes a sweet and thoughtful gift that your man can wear every day. Dog tags and ID bracelets are good choices. Get them engraved with a special date, such as your wedding day or the day you met. Make it more personal and engrave the jewelry with both of your names or even your pet names for each other. Cuff links will add professional polish to your man's wardrobe. Engrave them with your combined monogram, which would be your first initial, his first initial and the initial of your last name. A ring with a sentiment engraved on the inside makes a lasting and meaningful gift.

Functional Gifts

Functional objects become keepsakes when you get them engraved for your man. Try a silver bottle opener with his initials engraved on it. A sterling silver money clip is useful, but make it meaningful by engraving the words "You are my treasure." A sterling key ring turns into a very personal gift when you add the key to your place and get a flirtatious message engraved on it. Buy some crystal bar glasses and have them engraved with your man's name. That way he'll always know which glasses belong to him and he'll feel special when he uses them.

Photo Frame or Photo Album

A personal photo is a great gift, and when you put it in an engravable frame or photo album it becomes an indelible memory. Buy a sterling plated photo frame or photo album and have it engraved with a sentiment that relates to the photo you insert. For a wedding photo, engrave the date of the event and the name of the song you danced to. For a photo taken on a trip, engrave the date and place where the photo was taken. Your man will appreciate how sweet you are to remember such an important moment together.


While it's fun to put love notes, pet names and pet sayings on engraved items, resist the temptation to be silly or risque. These gifts will be around for a long time, and so will the engraved messages. Stick to simple and traditional expressions, such as "I love you" or "The time of my life." Keep the inside jokes to yourselves. If you feel you must do something silly, ask yourself if you'll regret it down the road. If the answer is yes or even possibly, go with a traditional message and protect the dignity of your man and yourself.