How to Sweet Talk Your Girlfriend

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Sharing personal feelings and paying sincere compliments to your girlfriend can magnify her feelings toward you and your relationship. Women can be very emotional, and they take it to heart when you express your emotions. Whether you want to thank her for being there for you, encourage her to reach a goal, or simply put a smile on her face, saying sweet things can give her confidence, fill her heart with joy, and enhance her affection for you.

Tell her she's beautiful. Women are under a lot of pressure to look good, and they need to know that their boyfriends find them attractive. Be specific when you compliment her. Tell her that she has beautiful eyes, a gorgeous smile and a sexy figure. Tell her that she is your ideal-looking woman. Pay attention to her hair and wardrobe, and compliment new hairstyles and outfits.

Say "I miss you" or "I love you." These meaningful phrases make your girlfriend feel special and add depth to your relationship. Tell her that you will miss her when she leaves town. Plan a special date, and tell her that you cannot wait to see her. Look into her eyes and say "I love you" after you both develop deep feelings for each other.

Recite a poem that articulates your thoughts and feelings for her. Find a poetry book at your local library or bookstore. Call her when she is relaxing at home and read a romantic poem over the phone, or memorize a poem and recite it to her during a romantic dinner.