Suggestions for a Potluck Breakfast

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Themed potlucks can make it easy for both the host and the guests with the choices for foods fitting within specific parameters. Throw a breakfast potluck at any time of the day and get ready for delectable egg dishes and sweet breakfast confections. Kids usually enjoy these comfort foods, so choose this potluck theme for a kid-friendly potluck.


Eggs can be a versatile and economical menu item for potluck fare. Try a platter of mini quiches, poured into mini filo shells. Add any vegetables you like to the egg mixture -- diced broccoli, green onions, tomatoes or asparagus tips. Sprinkle cheddar cheese over the top. Make an oven frittata for a simple, no-fuss potluck entree. Similar to an omelet except baked in the oven, this delicious egg dish can be as versatile and varied as an omelet. Please your friends and family by seasoning any of these egg dishes with ranch seasoning mix.


Make healthy sausage patties using ground turkey instead of pork. By adding diced apple, fennel seed, salt and pepper to the ground turkey, it takes on some of the traditional sausage flavors and textures. Cook the patties and keep them warm in a slow cooker. Try a hash brown bake with crumbled turkey bacon, shredded potatoes, cheese and onion. For extra flavor, add cream of celery soup, sour cream or ranch seasoning mix. Drizzle a little olive oil over the top and bake it in a moderate oven.

French Toast and Pancakes

Nearly everyone loves an excuse to break out the maple syrup. Make an oven French toast dish by dredging thick slices of French bread in eggs and placing them into a baking dish. Pour additional egg mixture over the top of the French bread and bake it until the eggs look set and the bread turns golden brown. Make up a batch of zucchini pancakes and keep them warm in a slow cooker. Top the pancakes with crushed walnuts and serve with a side of yogurt sauce -- make the yogurt sauce sweet with a little honey or savory with a dash of garlic powder.


Make a pan of sticky buns, sweetened with honey and raisins instead of the standard sugar filling and powdered sugar frosting. Bring a basket of fruit muffins -- blueberry, raspberry, strawberry or bran-raisin, for example. Create a homemade coffee cake with dried cranberries and a cinnamon streusel topping.