Suggested Gifts for the First Married Valentine's Day

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The first Valentine's Day a married couple spends together is a special day. There are some creative gifts and dates you can plan on the first Valentine's Day you share with your spouse that will help you relive your journey together and celebrate the new, married journey ahead.

"I Love You Because" Day

Plan an "I Love You Because" Day. In the morning, get up early and make your spouse's favorite breakfast. Place a note card by the meal that reads something like: "I love you because you know how to make eggs better than I do," or something equally endearing.

Place another note on your spouse's windshield that reads something like: "I love you because your car always is messy."

Continue doing this throughout the day, placing note cards in places whereever your spouse will find them and reminding your loved one of all the little, quirky parts of his or her personality that you have learned in the time you have been married.

Fireside Reading

Build a fire in the fireplace or outside in a fire pit. Wrap up together in one blanket, sip win or hot chocolate, and take turns reading poetry to each other. Chilean poet Pablo Neruda is a good choice for romantic poetry. Take this line from "Love Sonnet IX," for example: "You & I, love, together we ratify the silence, while the sea destroys its perpetual statues,collapses its towers of wild speed and whiteness:because in the weavings of those invisible fabrics, galloping water, incessant sand, we make the only permanent tenderness."

Photo Memory Book

Create a photo memory book of your journey together so far. Buy an over-sized blank journal and fill it with photos and recaps of important events in your life as a married couple from your wedding date until Valentine's Day. Make the memory book personal by writing love notes in the margins and devoting pages throughout to topics such as "I Love You Because ... ", "Our Top 10 Funniest Moments Together," and "Why You Are the Perfect Wife/Husband for Me."