How to Find a Sugar Daddy

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While many may argue that sugar daddies are merely an urban myth, they actually do exist. The main keys to finding a sugar daddy are knowing where to look and, even more important, knowing how to be a sugar baby.

Always look your best. To find a sugar daddy, practice good grooming skills. Keep your hair luxurious and your makeup impeccable. Pay close attention to your body. While you don't need to be a waif, you do need to take good care of yourself. These little things will give you that extra boost of confidence as well.

Know where to look. Seek out the upper-class establishments in your area. These can be bars, golf courses or country clubs. While going to these locations is no guarantee you'll find a sugar daddy, it puts you closer to tons of them. After all, you're not likely to find a sugar daddy hanging out at a fast-food restaurant.

Be prepared to listen. Once you think you've found a sugar daddy, really listen to him. These men often just want a little companionship. Understand that companionship doesn't have to mean sex. It can mean talking, intellectual conversation or just merely having someone around.

Set aside time for your sugar daddy. Clearly, if he's doing something for you, he's going to want to spend time with you. Don't neglect spending time with him, or you will definitely be cut off. Suggest things that you want to do or perhaps a restaurant or bar you want to go to. Focus solely on your sugar daddy when you do go out. Everyone else is second fiddle.

Make your own rules. Do what you're OK with, and refuse to do what you're not OK with. While there are guys who will be looking for sexual relations, there are other guys who are just looking for simple companionship.