How to Style Jeans With a Velvet Blazer

by Mercedes Valladares

Create an insta-glam look for a night on the town or dazzle up your office's Casual Friday by pairing a velvet blazer with your jeans. But don't just throw any blazer on top of your trusty blues. Take time to merge styling tips with your outfit picks and create different vibes with the lush fabric blazer and stone-washed tones. This stylish topper transitions from workplace ensembles to evening outfits, adding a bit of pizzazz and personality to your blue jean outfit.

Glam-Coated Jeans

Whether the denim texture is glitter, metallic, or wax-coated, these glam-coated jeans fair well with a plush velvet blazer. Create a stylish ensemble by layering a lush blazer in a dark, smoky-gray hue over a dark-blue dress shirt and wax-coated jeans -- leather-like finish -- in an ultra-skinny silhouette. Go to the opposite extreme and slip a dressy, icy-pastel-shaded blouse with sequined trim under your dark-colored velvet blazer and step into glitter-coated jeans with sequined trimming. You can also choose stylized blazers that change the tone of your look -- such as those with shawl collars or wide lapel details. Create a rock-star vibe by wearing a form-fitting, black tee with metallic-silver-coated jeans topped with a wide-lapel, velvet blazer.

Stylish Skinny Jeans

Get ready to light up the party by pairing your plush velvet blazer with your stylish skinny jeans. Don't be afraid to wear a shimmery blouse with your ultra-skinny denim and top it with a rich velvet blazer. Bring your sexy back by wearing a form-fitting blazer with decorative buttons, tapered jeans and sky-high stilettos. For a hipster vibe, layer a dark-green, short-length velvet jacket over a light-green top for a punch of color, and slip into your faded-blue skinnies.

Wild-Side Jeans

If you can't get enough of your printed blues, pair a cheetah-patterned denim in black or gray with a light-gray, stand-collar blouse and slide a black velvet blazer over the top. If your style groove includes leopard-printed jeans in brown hues, wear a nude-colored camisole under a brown or nude velvet blazer. Animal prints -- including zebra and giraffe -- vary in color tones. Pick up a color from the pattern and match it to your velvet fabric. If you're wearing printed jeans in bright colors such as green, fuchsia and purple, wear velvet blazers in similar hues. Just wear tops in draped or contoured silhouettes within the same color tone for a cohesive look.

Straight-Leg Jeans

If your straight-leg jeans have a boot or pencil cut with fashion tears and rips, a tailored velvet blazer instantly makes them dressy. You can mix a plush navy blazer with stone-washed jeans in a medium shade and complete the look with a white, long-sleeved tee in a weathered-looking cotton jersey. Be daring and pair a light-blue, stone-washed jean with a sleeveless, empire-waist blouse in a cream-colored, delicate fabric -- georgette or satin. Layer the ensemble with a blue velvet blazer. If your jeans have a classic or relaxed fit, pair the bottom with a velvet blazer in a form-fitting silhouette for a sophisticated look -- just add a pop of color with a contoured blouse and fabulous caged heels.

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