Style Ideas for Brown Corduroy Pants

by Danielle Jennings
One way to wear brown corduroy pants is as part of a casual ensemble.

One way to wear brown corduroy pants is as part of a casual ensemble.

Jeans are an all-time classic. They never go out of style, and are appropriate year-round. But there is a fashionable alternative to denim that is great to wear during the colder months of the year: corduroy pants. When paired with complementary garments and accessories, a pair of brown cords are definitely as flattering and stylish as your favorite pair of jeans.

For Night

Take your brown corduroy pants out for a night on the town after pairing them with sexy, edgy garments and accessories. Pairing brown and black together is a flattering, but unexpected way to dress for a night out. A black bomber or motorcycle jacket is the perfect way to take understated corduroys and amp them up. The jacket should have a fitted silhouette and feature edgy details like zippers, studs, grommets and buckles. A chic pair of wedges, booties or high heel pumps gives your corduroys a dressy, glamorous appeal. A fitted t-shirt or tank top in a neutral color, statement jewelry (cocktail rings, large hoop earrings, layered chain necklaces) and a flashy clutch bag finish the look off.


Brown corduroys can be just as casual as your favorite pair of jeans. For a casual, yet modern way to style your corduroys think cool and classy. A cropped or boyfriend blazer in a color like cream, black, or different yet coordinating shade of brown is a good start because it provides structure. A top with an asymmetric hemline or a banded bottom is casual but modern to perfectly complements the blazer and cords. As for footwear, there are a host of options including ballet flats, high top sneakers, wedge sneakers and combat boots. The style of footwear you choose depends on how you want your outfit to look, as some styles are edgier than others.


Women's fashion that takes inspiration from the fashion looks of men's clothing has long been a practice in the realm of design, and your corduroys can definitely benefit from it. Opting to style your brown corduroys in a menswear-inspired way is the ideal marriage between casual and edgy. The key to pulling off any menswear-inspired look is to find balance keeping it feminine with masculine influences. A cardigan or a fitted blazer with gold detailing such as buttons is a good start. Stick to a dark tone like navy blue, hunter green, charcoal gray or black; colors largely found in menswear. A collared shirt in white or a striped Henley shirt are more masculine-influenced options. A stylish pair of oxford shoes or moccasins are flattering footwear options, Jewelry should be understated, such as simple gold or diamond studs. A cross-body bag completes the look and keeps your handbag fashionable and casual.

Ultra Feminine

Corduroys are not the most feminine garment a woman can wear, but there are styling suggestions to add a girlish flair. Pink and brown go well together, not to mention the shade is one of the most feminine colors around, making it ideal to pair with your brown cords. A light or medium pink blazer, cardigan or blouse are all good style options for a more ladylike approach. Ballet flats with feminine details like ribbons, bows or lace work perfectly, as do high heel pumps, boots and wedges. Chandelier earrings, layered bracelets and/or pearl necklaces are accessories that provide femininity and style.

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