Straw Lei Instructions

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Straw leis are a wonderful party favor for backyard luaus and other Hawaiian themed parties. Straw leis are made with standard a drinking straw to help hold shape and form for decoration or wearing. Before you begin, make sure you have all your materials gathered and on a flat working surface. Since small parts are used to make your lei, make sure that you supervise smaller children.

Measure 46 inches of ribbon with a ruler or yard stick. Pull your ribbon through a sturdy drinking straw, leaving 1 1/2 inches of ribbon visible at the top of your straw. Tape or glue the 1 1/2 inches of ribbon to the straw making sure there is no slack in the ribbon. Tie the bottom end of your ribbon into a knot 12 inches from the bottom, carefully measuring it out with your ruler.

Tie one end of your yarn to the bottom end of your straw, making sure to leave 2 inches hanging from your knot. You can use more than one color of yarn, tying all colors together in one knot at the end of your straw.

Wrap your yarn around your straw eight times, making sure that you hold the straw firmly between your forefinger and thumb. After the eighth turn, slide your yarn up onto your ribbon from the straw. Stop at the knot you have formed at the end of your ribbon. Repeat this process until your ribbon is covered at the desired length.

Slide the remaining yarn off of your straw onto the ribbon. Tie the end of your ribbon once you have removed it from the straw's inside. Snip off all tails from the yarn. Place a bead on each end of your ribbon for decoration by feeding a yarn needle with the ribbon ends and fitting it through the bead's holes.

Secure your beads with a thick knot at the ends of your ribbon and snip off the excess ribbon. Once your excess is snipped off, tie the ends of your lei together to form a circle. Make sure that your lei is long enough for its intended use.

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