How to Store Sliced Pineapple

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Sliced pineapple is tasty but highly perishable. When properly packaged and chilled in the refrigerator, the fruit -- either fresh or canned -- retains its flavor and quality for about two days. Although the life of sliced pineapple is short, you can enjoy the healthy fruit for snacking or incorporate it into salads or hot dishes.

Protecting Your Pineapple

Package sliced pineapple in an airtight glass or plastic container. Never store canned pineapple in the original can because it may reduce the flavor and quality of the fruit. Similarly, don't wrap the pineapple in aluminum foil. Never eat sliced pineapple if the fruit smells bad, or if it is brown or moldy. Discard the fruit if you aren't sure. If you can't use the pineapple within two days, pack it in an airtight container and store it in the freezer, where it will keep as long as one year.