How to Stop an Online Relationship From Being Boring

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Online dating has increased significantly in population and general acceptance over the past decade. Given the ease with which people can meet potential mates from anywhere in the world, this increased activity in online dating has also lead to a number of predominantly online relationships. Online relationships may be those in which a couple rarely gets to see each other in person, or may be ones in which the partners have yet to meet in person and maintain their entire relationship through the Internet and other forms of long-distance communication.

Avoiding Online Relationship Doldrums

Step 1

Include each other in your day-to-day lives and activities as much as possible. A large part of any relationship is just spending time together, sometimes doing nothing at all. When people are separated by distance or only know each other online, it may seem difficult or odd to "do nothing" together or to just spend time with each other. Try watching the same movie together at the same time, or chat on the phone while doing a mundane activity such as grocery shopping. Activities such as these will reinforce your sense of being a couple and help you avoid disillusionment within your relationship.

Step 2

Be creative. Online relationships require a certain amount of creativity to keep the excitement. One area in which you can practice your creativity is the sexual intimacy that you share with your partner. While many people hold the opinion that cybersex or online sexual activities are deviant, research has found that many happy and healthy couples, including those in long-distance and online relationships, actively participate in online sexual activities with their partner. Just because you are separated by distance, does not mean that sexual intimacy is beyond your reach.

Step 3

Create fun and interesting dates that you can participate in online or through the aide of technology. Create a scavenger hunt for your partner in the city where they live by using electronic clues or geocaching. Have an online date where you challenge each other to online games, race each other through web search scavenger hunts or read to each other your favorite love poems using video chat. Ultimately, the time you spend together with your partner is what you make of it, and distance is no reason that your relationship cannot remain fun and exciting.