How to stop your Marriage from falling apart

Saving your marriage is not an easy thing to do. Both parties must want take part in the marriage and in today's society it is hard to look at marriage the same way when so many people get a divorce but you must stay positive and hope that you can keep your promise to your spouse.

Save your marriage by spicing up the bedroom. Role playing, sexy lingerie, spontaneity. If your sex life is the best part of your marriage then don't change that, just make sure your 100% sure that your partner feels the same way. If their not happy they probably won't tell you so you'll need to ask them.

Saving any marriage takes time, don't expect things to get better right away. Your in a relationship recession and its going to take your effort day in and day out to revive and rekindle your love for one another. Find romance everyday. Whether its a romantic candle lit dinner, back massage, or cuddling up on the beach watching the sunset, you need to put effort into the relationship.

To save your marriage seek counseling from a couples or marriage counselor who can tell you what problems exist in your marriage and who is at fault for what. There is no guarantee these things will save your marriage but you owe it to this person that you once loved enough to tie the knot for a fresh start.