How to Stop Lying

How to Stop Lying. People lie for different reasons. Sometimes it's a little white lie to keep from hurting someone else's feelings. Other times people lie to avoid pain or an argument. But whatever the reason, you need to stop lying because it causes people to distrust you and can become a habitual problem with serious consequences.

Step 1

Admit that you have a problem with lying. The first step in overcoming dishonesty is to admit that you are a liar. As long as you are in denial or not confronting the situation, you won't stop lying. The longer you continue the deception the more likely it is to become a habit and the harder it is to break.

Step 2

Make yourself accountable to someone. Whenever you keep something a secret, the harder it is to overcome. Have a friend or counselor to talk to and they can encourage you to tell the truth.

Step 3

Think about the consequences. One lie usually leads to another bigger lie, until you've woven yourself into a web of deceit and a great deal of stress. And almost always, your lies will eventually be exposed. Lying causes you to lose people's trust and this can cause you to lose friendships, jobs and can even cause divorce.

Step 4

Confess when you lie and apologize. By forcing yourself to admit that you've done something wrong, you are taking the first step in breaking the habit. Each time you confess and apologize to the person you lied to is a reminder that what you are doing is wrong and there are consequences to lying.

Step 5

Keep a journal and write down your feelings and what happened that day. On the days you lie put that in your journal, then go back to determine your reasons for lying. By figuring out what causes you to lie in the first place, you can begin to change your behavior and thoughts to prevent lying.

Step 6

Avoid situations that might tempt or cause you to lie. Change friends if they are constantly lying because this is going to make it easier for you to justify doing it also. If you are lying to cover up an alcohol or drug problem, seek a support group to help you stop this addiction. Once the bad behavior is gone, the reason to lie to cover it up should go away with it.

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