Step-by-Step Instructions on Box Braiding With Fake Hair

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Box braid extensions are a long-term hair style primarily worn by African-American women. For the best-quality braid extensions, choose a synthetic hair type that is versatile and ensure that you have purchased enough bundles to create a full head of braids.

Prepare the Hair for Braiding

As the braid extensions are intended to be maintained long term, shampoo your natural hair and cut split ends before adding braid extensions.

Gather Supplies

Gather clips, scissors, towels, braid spray and several combs with varying teeth sizes. Twelve bags of Kanekelon synthetic hair is the average amount used to create a full head of box braids.

Starting Your First Section

Starting at the far corner at the base of your scalp, part the hair horizontally 1 inch from the nape of the neck all the way across. Keep your part as straight as possible. Clip your hair above the part line to keep it from interfering with the parted area. In the far corner where you began your part, part your hair vertically 1 inch from the edge of your scalp so that the area forms a 1-inch-by-1-inch box.

Beginning the First Braid

Comb the box of hair to ensure it is not tangled. Drape the synthetic hair over your natural hair and separate into three parts. Begin your braid tight weaving together both your natural hair and the three synthetic pieces.

Maintain Box Pattern

The second 1-inch-by-1-inch box should be placed right next to the first square. Continue this pattern along the nape of the neck until a full row is completed. Repeat these rows until the entire scalp is covered with rows of boxes.