How to Start a Social Club

A social club is simply a formal acknowledgment of similar thoughts, ideas, beliefs and objective by a group of people in the format of an organization. A social club can be public or private. Read on to learn how to start a social club.

Define the type of organization that you want to create. A social club must create a charter or set of bylaws. A charter defines the purpose, mission, goal and objective of an organization. The bylaws define what will and will not be acceptable.

Create a board. A board is a flow chart of an organization. A board generally consists of a president, vice-president, treasurer and secretary. When selecting board members, keep in mind the commitment and skills needed for each position.

Establish if your club will have an exempt or non-exempt status. To be exempt under the Internal Revenue Code, Section 501(c)(7), the organization must be considered non-profit and formed for recreational or pleasure. Organization based on profit making will generally not fall under the exempt code.

Set a schedule for meetings. Setting an advanced schedule will encourage loyalty and commitment from members. The members will have the opportunity to schedule personal plans that will not conflict with the meeting schedule. A simple schedule is easy to remember, such as the first Monday of each month.

Respect members. A social club is not a one-man show. Encourage members to express their views and opinions.

Get the word out. A social club will not be successful if no one knows about it. Use blogs or create a website to generate interest. This can be done quickly and in some cases for free.

Start and end on time. Two major problems with keeping members are wasting time and energy.