Staging the Exterior of a House With Container Gardens

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Container gardens provide a versatile and inexpensive way to improve the exterior of a home quickly. With the use of creative containers and colorful plants, you can design a container garden to liven up a drab space or improve your home's curb appeal.

Container Types

You can use any kind of containers as long as they're sturdy enough to withstand a range of weather conditions. Weather-resistant containers, such as those made of ceramic, metal or plastic, may work best. Nursery pots, galvanized metal containers and wooden barrels or boxes can all be used as long as they have holes in the bottom for drainage. You may find items that can be used as containers stored in your basement or garage, or visit your local recycling center if you don't own any suitable containers. You also can buy such containers at a gardening or home improvement store.

Plant Options

When your home is on the market, a container garden featuring brightly colored and aromatic plants makes a memorable display. For example, choose plants, such as lavender or jasmine, known for their pleasing scent. As you create each container, plant trailing plants like white ivy or cascading pansies along the edges and place taller plants for the middle of the container. Use plants in bloom and remove dried blossoms frequently to keep containers looking fresh.


Your container garden soil should contain time-release fertilizer pellets to keep plants nourished; this can be mixed into the soil when planting. It's important to keep the soil in pots moist. Most annual plants used in container gardens require daily watering. If you are no longer living in the home you are trying to sell, create your container garden with plants that require less water and care.


Container garden contents can be changed, and the containers can be moved around quickly to accommodate showings and open house events. If you're selling a condominium or townhouse with limited garden space, you can create eye-catching garden areas using a variety of props, such as overturned nursery pots or risers.