St. Patrick's Day Writing Activities

leprechaun with a walking stick image by Maria Bell from

Channel the kids' excitement about St. Patrick's Day by using it as a theme for classroom writing assignments. Holiday-themed writing activities let the kids practice their writing skills. The entertaining theme makes the task more appealing for reluctant writers. Consider the age and writing skills of the students when selecting the St. Patrick's Day writing tasks.

Pot of Gold

The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is often mentioned on St. Patrick's Day. Ask the kids to pretend they found the end of the rainbow with the pot of gold waiting for them. The students write what they would do with the pot of gold. This writing activity also works well as a wall or bulletin board display. Provide each student with a template of a pot of gold. The students write the story on the pot for display.

Leprechaun's Perspective

Instead of writing about a leprechaun, this assignment asks the students to pretend like they are leprechauns. The kids write a story about St. Patrick's Day from the perspective of a leprechaun. You can leave the exact story topic up to the kids or provide them with a specific prompt. It could be a story about someone trying to catch him, a prank he pulled or how he keeps the pot of gold safe. Encourage the kids to think like leprechauns as they write.

Letters from a Leprechaun

This is a class writing activity that can last an entire week. On the first day of the week, make a small mess in the classroom. It might include dumping out a tub of toys, scribbling on the board or rearranging items in the classroom. Leave a note from the leprechaun taped to the door or window. Read the letter to the students when they discover it. As a group, write a letter back to the leprechaun explaining that you like to keep the classroom clean. The next morning, mess the room up even more and leave another note from the leprechaun. The kids write a letter back. This continues as many days as you wish. On the last day, leave the room neat and clean when the students arrive with one final note from the leprechaun. This builds excitement for the kids and helps them with letter-writing skills.

Acrostic Poems

Acrostic poems use a word related to St. Patrick's Day to start each line of the poem. Choose a word such as leprechaun, lucky, Ireland or rainbow for the acrostic poem. The letters of the word are written vertically along the left edge of the paper with one letter on each line. The students write a poem related to the word. The first word of each line must start with that particular letter in the word. For example, if lucky is the selected word, the first word of the first line would start with an L. The second line of the poem must start with a U, the third like a C, the fourth line a K and the fifth line a Y.