Spring Outfit Ideas for Casual Wear in a Pageant

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In child and adult beauty pageants, casual wear gives contestants an opportunity to display personality and differentiate themselves from their competitors. During the spring, choose a cute themed outfit to highlight your appearance and add a seasonal twist. Above all, choose clothing that flatters your figure while allowing room for movement. You will look your best on the outside and feel pretty and confident inside.

Basic Spring Looks

In a girls' beauty pageant, the casual wear competition may require a simple dress, a sportswear outfit or an elaborate costume. Look fresh and seasonal by choosing pastel colors and simple, floral prints. A light-colored dress will highlight your child's natural beauty, and you can easily reuse it for future pageants. For adults and teenagers, casual wear often consists of business clothing. Add a spring accent to a business suit by wearing a pastel blouse or headband.

Unique Outfits

In casual wear, feel free to choose a unique outfit that focuses on a seasonal theme. Purchase or create a dress that features a spring flower. Pair lilac- or daffodil-printed fabrics with matching colors in a design that flatters your shape.

Homemade costumes are always unique and often eye catching. Dress up as a butterfly, rabbit or duck for a cute spring outfit. Babies fit well into ladybug or chick costumes. Always strive for an attractive fit over anatomical accuracy in an animal costume.

Holiday Costumes

Many little girls own frilly Easter or church dresses in light colors that suit a springtime pageant. Likewise, boys can wear their Sunday best with a pastel tie and a fresh flower boutonniere.

Spring contains several well-known holidays that suggest adorable costumes. For St. Patrick's Day, design a green shamrock outfit or a leprechaun costume with orange hair and a green jumper. For an Easter costume, you can dress your child as an Easter bunny with rabbit ears and a basket full of colored eggs.

Spring Props

Casual wear competitions often allow the use of a prop to accentuate the costume. Props work best for outfits that focus on an interest or activity, such as a net for catching butterflies or a spade to go with gardening overalls. Avoid overly large props that take attention away from the contestant.

Some pageants may allow competitors to use animals, such as a pet dog or rabbit, as props. Check to ensure the animal is comfortable before attempting an animal routine. Bring the animal out at the very end of the routine to avoid distracting from the child. Always have a backup plan in case the animal is not cooperative.