Special Gifts for the Fifty-Five-Year-Old

gifts image by MichaelJordan from Fotolia.com

Some fortunate 55-year-olds may already be enjoying their retirement, while others can start the countdown to the up-and-coming day. As a result, gifts for such occasions as Christmas, birthdays and Mother's or Father’s Day may gear themselves towards such categories as relaxation and travel. For an added bit of sentimentality, you may try planning activities you can enjoy with the recipient.


With retirement fast approaching, a 55-year-old may find more time to enjoy sites and attractions located throughout their surrounding region. Many major cities offer conservancy tours, highlighting the area’s historic sites and architectural landmarks. For the sports fan, you can secure a tour of a local sporting venue, such as a Major League Baseball stadium, many of which offer public tours throughout the year. You may also look at personal tours for more sophisticated locations like wineries, museums, galleries or botanical gardens. Adventurous individuals may enjoy a helicopter sightseeing tour, offering a bird’s eye view of the city.


Find out if the 55-year-old has a hobby or plans on adopting one, particularly during their retirement years. You can then sign them up for a series of lessons or workshops relating to their hobby at such nearby sites as a community college or a community center. For instance, you can enroll them in classes on such varied subjects as scrap-booking, photography, knitting or cooking. Knowledgeable cooks may enjoy specialty courses, such as cake decorating, gourmet leftovers or serving tapas. For some bonding time, you can sign up to take the class with the recipient.

At Home Spa Kits

Fifty-five-year-olds may enjoy an at home spa kit after a long day at work or simply as part of a leisurely day. The kit can include lumbar or bathtub massage pillows, as well as pin point, chair pad or water jet foot massagers. Add relaxation items such as aroma candle sets, scented oils, bath gels and eye masks. As an added bonus, you can enjoy a day at the spa with the recipient, paying for such treatments as facials, pedicures, manicures, massages, mud baths or body wraps.