Speaking With Your Husband About a Pregnancy

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Whether you're a first time mom or you're a seasoned pregnancy pro, having a baby creates major changes in every couple's life. From your own emotional state to your husband's feelings about becoming a dad, speaking with your partner about the aspects of your pregnancy is key to keeping the relationship on a positive track.

Physical Changes

The changes that are going on inside of you during pregnancy begin well before a baby bump emerges. That said, your husband may not fully understand how the physical changes of pregnancy affect you and your relationship with him. According to the U.S. Office on Women's Health, body image is a major issue for many women, especially during pregnancy. Talking to your husband about your growing body can help ease some of your concerns about your appearance and how he views the physical changes.

Father's Feelings

Although the baby is in your body, that doesn't mean Dad has no feelings of his own when it comes to the upcoming birth. Speaking with your husband about the pregnancy and how he feels, can bring out his own issues -- such as worries and joys. If it's your husband's first time as a father he may not necessarily know what his role is in the pregnancy or how he should support you. He may also have worries about actually being a dad or having the ability to financially support his family. Talk with your husband openly about these issues, encouraging him to tell you what his expectations, fears and anxiety issues are.

Pregnant Romance

Having a baby shouldn't mean that you forsake your romantic relationship with your husband. Telling your husband that you're pregnant may make him wonder if you can or will want to continue on with your sexual relationship during the nine long months until the baby arrives. The Women's and Children's Health Network notes that there's no reason not to have sex during pregnancy, provided you don't have any complicating medical issues or your doctor specifically forbids it. Talk to your husband about your romantic life, reassuring him that having sex won't hurt the baby or you. If you aren't feeling especially romantic -- because of morning sickness or fatigue -- help your husband understand that this is a temporary phase that the two of you will weather together.

Emotional Control

If your emotions seem on overdrive during your pregnancy, you aren't alone. The hormonal changes that are going on inside of your body may cause you to flip from overjoyed to sullen in what seems like seconds. If your mood swings are causing havoc in your relationship, speak with your husband about how you're feeling. Let him now that you need his support, and that your moodiness has little to do with him. Additionally, you may have your own worries about how well you can mother your baby or how the birth process will go. Share these anxieties with your husband, letting him know that he isn't the only one who's feeling nervous about the birth of your baby.