Sorry, You've Been Eating These Flavor-Enhancing Foods All Wrong


Everyone knows that a little bit of olive oil on bread is delicious. In fact, we all can agree that even the most golden fry is nothing without a dash of salt. And it's a universal truth that milk has a way of making dry corn flakes perfect. But you know what? We've been eating these foods all wrong. While your standard flavor-enhancers may have stood by you through sauces thick and thin, alcoholic beverages hard and mellow and desserts savory and sweet, they've never tasted like these recipes. With creative infusions like jalapeño vodka, flavored salt and almond milk, these recipes will transform your commonplace flavor profile to a level you didn't even know you wanted. Move over plain and simple flavors — something more dynamic is taking over.

Create Your Own Infused Olive Oil

Olive oil is arguably one of the most versatile oils ever, and you have certainly had a long and positive relationship with it. While this essential Mediterranean kitchen staple is a favorite addition to dressings, sauces and even baked goods, you can — and should — experiment with something better. Gather your favorite fresh herbs, like rosemary or thyme, and infuse your olive oil to create dynamic flavors unique to your palate.

Jackie Dodd

Put a Twist on a Staple With Flavored Salts

Who thought something as unassuming as salt could be the star of your meal? With 1 teaspoon of seasoning like lime, lavender or sage for every quarter cup of salt, you will have plenty of flavored salts to add a little extra something to your dishes. Plus, they look so beautiful in their little glass jars.

Jackie Dodd

Craft a Gorgeous Cocktail With Brandied Cherries

This gem of a cocktail garnish is more than just the cherry on top — it’s the brandied cherry on top. So long jarred Maraschinos, this homemade bad boy has a heck of a lot more to add to your next boozy soiree.

Jackie Dodd

Bring on the Compound Butter

You and butter may already be besties, but this compound butter may be your new number one. Mix butter with garlic for a classic combination, or create new taste sensations like blue-cheese and chive to make all of your meals more interesting.

Jackie Dodd

Embrace Fall Flavors With Apple Butter

Kick jam to the curb and treat yourself this fall to the apple and cinnamon smoothness that is this delicious apple butter. Dress up your pork chops, smear some on your toast or even mix it in your Greek yogurt. Apple butter is an all-around winner.

Tim & Mary Vidra

Make Mulling Spices You Don’t Have to Deliberate

While cider and wine are some of the best things in the world, their mulled cousins are so warm and comforting. Make your own mulling spices to transform your cold-weather beverages, or simply boil them over the stove for their aromatic properties. Either way, you’ll feel like every sip is casting a comforting spell.

Tim & Mary Vidra

Add Vanilla to Your Coffee

Iced coffees are such a decadent treat, especially when they are sweetened with a little simple syrup. But what if you could transform that simple syrup into vanilla syrup? You’ll eliminate the need to ever venture to the coffee shop again.

Jennifer Farley

Freeze Fruits and Herbs for Artisanal Cocktails

Your cocktail game may never be the same when you trade in ordinary ice for some of these frozen herb and citrus swizzle sticks. They're easy to prepare with an ice mold and fresh ingredients, which you can play with according to your cocktail of choice.

Tim & Mary Vidra

Make New Mustaches With Almond Milk

You and milk definitely have a lot of memories together over the years, but it might be time to build some new ones with this fantastic almond milk. It's simple to make and free of any preservatives or additives, so you can take comfort in knowing that you've moved on to something better.

Jennifer Farley -

Spice Up Your Vodka

Vodka is a welcome addition to martinis, greyhounds and a slew of other drinks, but you can turn up the heat by infusing it with jalapeño peppers. Your next brunch or cocktail hour is gonna go from 10 to 11 with a round (or two) of spicy jalapeño bloody Marys.

Jennifer Farley