Soaps & Cream to Help Get Lighter Skin

Moisturizers, royalty-free image by thesaint

Many people want to have lighter skin, and they use soaps and creams to achieve a whiter complexion. Manufacturers produce whitening products for consumers who believe that lighter skin is desirable. In some Asian cultures, the epitome of beauty is one who has fair, smooth skin. Some may use lightening products to lighten their complexion, while some may use them to remove dark spots caused by age or the sun. Soaps and creams for lighter skin are widely available in retail stores.


Soaps are popular-whitening products. They contain bleaching extracts to lighten skin. Papaya soap is a popular type of soap that consumers use to lighten skin. Another type of soap, SW+SS's L-Glutathione bar is made with exfoliants to lighten skin. Clear Essence's Lightening soap fades dark spots and reduces acne blemishes.


Vitamin C creams are known to have lightening agents for whiter skin. It is a natural vitamin that acts as an antioxidant, and its bleaching properties act to naturally lighten skin. Other creams that can lighten skin include products with Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA). This works to exfoliate skin to remove dead-skin cells and reveal a lighter complexion. Manufacturers that offer lightening creams include Pond's, Olay and The Body Shop.


Many designer cosmetic brands offer lightening products. Among these brands include Shiseido, Nars and Clinique. Products in these designer's whitening lines include masks, serums and makeup. Prices range from $40-to-$100+.


When buying lightening products, make sure that there are no FDA bans against them. Hydroquinone, a skin-bleaching ingredient, was banned by the FDA in 2006, citing that there may be evidence that it acts as a carcinogen. Make sure that you use products from the same line at any given time instead of combining products from different brands, to avoid straining your skin.

Further Advice

Whitening products are widely used in Asian culture, so you may find it easier to find whitening products in Asian markets. Lightening soaps and creams may make your skin sensitive to the sun. Direct sun contact may irritate your skin and make it darker. It is advisable to stay away from direct sun contact, or to use umbrellas when going out, to maintain your light complexion.