Skin Care Tips for a Healthy Glow This Fall

by Mary Avant ; Updated September 28, 2017


You worked hard all summer long to get gorgeous, sun-kissed skin -- of the sort actress Minka Kelly has here -- and you shouldn't have to lose those radiant results when the days start to shorten. Take your healthy summer glow straight into fall with a few simple steps, starting with exfoliating, moisturizing and protecting skin all the way to creating the perfect makeup look.

Scrub It Off

Start the season fresh by gently exfoliating skin to slough away much of what can trap acne-causing dirt and sweat. Try a gentle sugar scrub, which should be friendly enough for all skin types. Once or twice a week, exfoliate both your face and body to keep skin soft, fresh and looking young, like actress Charlize Theron does here at the Academy Awards in Los Angeles.

Quench Your Thirst

Blue skies and warm weather are hard to resist during the summer, but exposing yourself to sun and heat can leave skin damaged and dehydrated. Treat your thirsty skin with a lightweight moisturizer or lotion, which helps create a smooth, soft surface that reflects light -- perfect for when you want glowing skin like actress and singer Jennifer Lopez has here at an event in Phoenix.

Stay Protected

Just because you're not spending hours by the pool or on the beach anymore doesn't mean you can stash away the sunscreen until next summer. After showering, apply a layer of lightweight, oil-free sunblock to parts of your body that might be exposed to the sun throughout the day. Keep your face looking young -- like actress Julianne Hough at an event in West Hollywood -- by using moisturizers and foundations that include sun protection.

Set the Toner

Before applying moisturizer and makeup on fall mornings, or after taking it off at night, add a bit of clarifying toner to a cotton ball and sweep it across your face. The toner not only removes stubborn dirt and grease, but it also provides an extra layer of moisture to dry skin and evens out skin tone -- leaving you with a face as beautiful as actress Minka Kelly's is here at an event in Los Angeles.

Lay the Foundation

Bring a natural makeup look from summer into fall by sticking with lightweight foundations, like the one seen here on actress Eva Mendes at a screening in Los Angeles. Even better, opt for a tinted moisturizer, BB cream or CC cream, which provides coverage while lending a natural glow to your skin. BB and CC creams act as an all-in-one foundation option, with the ability to prime, hydrate, protect and perfect skin with one application.

Be a Bronzed Goddess

Build your glow by sweeping bronzer over areas of your face that naturally pick up sunlight: your forehead, cheekbones and the bridge of your nose. And to get the gorgeous skin Actress Stacy Keibler has, shown here at an event in West Hollywood, add a bit of highlighter to cheekbones and brow bones, which will reflect light and give you a healthy glow.

Get Your Self-Tan On

Tanning beds are a big no-no, so what's a lady to do when the days of poolside sunning fade away? Slather on some self-tanner, of course. Be sure to exfoliate and moisturize well first, then apply a light layer of tanner to skin, working in circles to get an even application. For the golden skin actress Eva Longoria shows here at the Critics' Choice Movie Awards, you can also try a self-tanning spray or towelette.

Shine Bright

Many times a woman focuses on creating a glowing face, but ignores the rest of her body. Get super shiny and healthy looking arms and legs by applying a light layer of body or baby oil before heading out for a night on the town. For a little extra shimmer -- as Gisele Bundchen shows here at an event in New York -- sweep a barely-there layer of illuminating powder over shins and on shoulders.

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