Six Month Anniversary Celebration Ideas

by Stephanie Rempe

Beginning a new relationship can be so wonderful and exciting. During those first few months together you learn so much about each other and begin to create so many memories. As you approach the anniversary of your first six months together, do something special to show him or her how much you care. You don't have to do anything extravagant; the key is to take what you have learned over the past months and create a meaningful anniversary celebration for the two of you.

Bed and Breakfast

A romantic way to celebrate your six-month anniversary is to stay the weekend at a bed and breakfast. If you have a wine country nearby you'll find a quaint bed and breakfast to take your love to. Many bed and breakfast inns will provide personalized services, like champagne in your room, if you tell them in advance you're celebrating a special anniversary.

Plan a Day of Highlights

Show the one you love how special your time together has been by taking her to all the most special places you've gone over the past six months from restaurants to museums to a beautiful mountain view. Women will love this, knowing their man remembers the special times and men will find this kind of celebration unique and romantic, too. End the date with a new place and tell your sweetheart how it's the beginning of the next six wonderful months together.

Create a Memory

Take your love on a special picnic. Pack the picnic basket with his favorite foods and wine. Take along a blanket to ensure comfort. Surprise him with hand-painted wine glasses with the date painted on them to commemorate the day. Once you are settled, take out a book of famous love letters or poems and begin reading. The romance of this gesture will mean so much to your love, creating a beautiful new memory you will have forever.

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