Simple Do it Yourself Gift Ideas for High School Graduates

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Graduation is a momentous occasion, whether the student is graduating from kindergarten, high school, college or specialized training. To honor your graduate while keeping expenses down, make a homemade gift. Do-it-yourself ideas for the graduate can be pampering, utilitarian, or a combination of the two. Knowing the graduate's future plans will help you think of a perfect present. You don't even have to be crafty to make most DIY graduation gifts -- just creative.

Gift Basket

If the graduate in your is life leaving for college in the fall or moving into a first apartment, prepare a gift basket of things he or she can use in the future. Fill a small laundry basket with detergent, fabric softener, cleaners, and other useful around-the-house tools. You could do something similar with school and office supplies. Fill a small wastebasket with printer paper, notebooks, sticky notes, pens, and a stapler, for instance. These are all things that your graduate is sure to use, and he or she will appreciate not having to remember to buy them.

Fleece Blanket

Make a no-sew fringed fleece blanket to keep the . Start with two pieces of fleece the same size, then cut 4 inch squares from each corner then place the pieces on top of each other and line them up. Cut 2 inch slits around the borders of both pieces of fleece, then tie the pieces together with the strips to make a fringe. Choose colors based on the graduate's past or future school. For a personal touch, use hand or machine embroidery to add the graduate's name, initials, or graduation date.

Spa Items

Pamper the graduate on your gift list with homemade spa items. It is easy to make body scrubs using natural ingredients, many of which you may already have in your kitchen. Pair scrubs and soaps with a store bought towel and slippers for a complete gift. Personalize the gift by adding a name to the towel with machine embroidery -- a welcome distinction in any crowded dorm bathroom. Package in a nice basket, a gift sack or roll the items up inside the towel.

Framed Money

Money has remained a popular graduation gift through many generations. Package it differently this time for a unique DIY gift. Instead of tucking it in a card or gift card holder, add it to a picture frame. Select a diploma size frame or a small desktop version, suitable for pictures of friends or family. Simply arrange cash where the photo would go. The frame makes a great gift when it comes time to hang graduation photos, and the cash will also be appreciated.