Simple Christmas Crafts for Kids

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Celebrating Christmas with children by making crafts can help fill time, plus you will get some wonderful decorations. Children's Christmas crafts can be used as gifts, too, and they are often precious keepsakes. Best of all, there are simple Christmas crafts that can be made by kids of all ages.

Felt Ornaments

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Kids can make Christmas tree ornaments out of felt easily. Using green and red felt, you will have the kids cut Christmas shapes from the felt. You can make stencils so that the kids can trace the shapes on the felt with a fabric pencil. You can also have the kids cut images from old Christmas cards, glue them to the felt and cut them out. They can use glitter to decorate the ornaments and a piece of ribbon to make a hanging loop. The ribbon can be sewn on or run through a hole you punch at the top of each ornament.

Pine Cone Christmas Tree

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You can use pine cones gathered from the outdoors, or purchased in a craft store, to make tiny decorative Christmas trees. This is more of a free-form craft in that you will simply provide the kids with a lot of different things to decorate their pine cones with and let their creativity take hold. Good items for decoration are glitter, tiny pompoms, foam shapes, ribbon and candy. Don't forget glue.

Walnut Animals

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Kids have been making walnut animals to hang on the Christmas tree for decades. This is a simple Christmas craft that requires little in the way of supplies or crafting skill. Give each kid several walnuts and have the kids cut ears and a tail from felt. Then, they can either draw a face on with marker or paint one on. They can also glue google eyes on. The most common animals to make are mice, reindeer and bears. They will glue a loop of ribbon to the top of the ornament to hang it from the Christmas tree.

Reindeer Candy Canes

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Reindeer candy canes are a very simple Christmas craft, and they can be used to decorate your Christmas tree, or you can use them to decorate Christmas presents. To make them, give each kid a candy cane, pipe cleaners, a small red pompom and a set of google eyes. The kids will make antlers by wrapping the pipe cleaners around the top of the candy cane. Then, they will glue the google eyes and pompom nose on, and they are done.

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