Signs of Cheating in a Long-Distance Relationship

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Signs of cheating are sometimes hard to detect in a relationship and are often more difficult to detect in a long-distance relationship. Opportunities for cover-ups and lies present themselves more readily, and monitoring the actions of your significant other proves especially difficult. Simply being aware of the most common warning signs of cheating will make it much easier to confirm suspicions when your sweetie is away.


Check for inconsistencies in stories. When your guy or gal calls you to tell you how great the weather is from his or her hotel room and forgets about it when brought up later, you have just encountered a big red flag.


Does your significant other like to track your whereabouts, snoop through your phone or personal belongings, scan over your receipts for recent purchases or ask prying questions frequently? There's no way a man or woman who is overly involved in your business is not thinking heavily about her own actions. This is a sure sign of a heavy conscience and reeks of betrayal.

One-sided Visits

Why haven't you been to his place yet? If you're discouraged that he has not flown you out to his city yet or if he dodges conversations that could lead to you visiting his abode, get suspicious.


Did she miss that important lunch date with your mother or get really busy with work during the holidays? It's difficult to juggle more than one partner, especially during important events and the holiday season. Chances are, she's visiting someone else's family this year. Don't weed out other possibilities entirely, but remain wary.


If "bad reception" seems like a bad habit that your sweetie has picked up lately, start doing the math. Dodging calls, hanging up abruptly or forgetting to call at established times does not lean much in your favor.


Does she always bring you to that hole-in-the-wall dump when she finally agrees to entertain a visit at her location? Does she seem to cover up her whereabouts by claiming to be at made-up locations during phone conversations with others? Have you brought up meeting the family repeatedly, only to receive lame excuses that she's too busy or not comfortable, even though you have been seeing each other for a considerable length of time now? Anyone who won't introduce you to friends and family or include you in events with the people who are close to them is not invested in you and could be cheating.

Internet Hiding

There is no excuse for a healthy relationship to stay under wraps with the advent of the Internet and social media applications. A man or woman who won't reveal you as their partner via their Facebook or Myspace account has something to hide from you and someone to hide you from. Even worse is if you did not make his or her friends list. Don't fall for excuses with this one: Establish relationship status or get out immediately.