How to Show Your Wife How Much You Love Her

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I'm sure your wife knows that you love her, but how does she know? Have you shown her lately that you love her? Follow these simple suggestions to romancing your wife and endearing her heart to yours again. Have her fall in love with you all over again. She deserves it.

Listen: Nothing speaks so lovingly to your wife as your undivided attention. The ability to listen is huge and will speak volumes to your wife. It lets her know that you actually care about her life, interests, desires and needs. Your wife needs to be heard, and you want to be that loving listening post where she can speak her mind and her heart.

Surprise Her: I could have put a step for "buy her stuff", but an even better idea is to surprise her with stuff. Don't wait for Valentine's Day, your anniversary or her birthday. Surprise her when she least expects it. That will speak volumes to her that you were actually thinking of her even when the calendar wasn't blinking warning signs at you to remember a special day or occasion. Flowers, chocolates, pajamas...whatever it is, just make it a surprise.

Get Involved: Be plugged into your wife's interests, needs, desires and wants. Know what she likes to do for fun, what her hobbies are and what makes her tick. You will do well to follow the first step above and love her by listening, as this is where you will discover this useful information about your partner. Now that you are aware or have discovered these areas, immerse yourself in them. Ask questions and get involved. If it's scrap booking, then take an interest in her finished product and show your approval. If kids make her tick, then get plugged right into the parenting aspect with her. Showing you care about what she cares about will show her you care about her.

Pitch In: In other words, be helpful and lend a hand. Find out how you can come alongside your wife and be her partner or even do it for her. Maybe it's cooking, cleaning or laundry...whatever it is, she will be impressed and feel loved for your thoughtfulness.

Remember: Ok, I told you earlier to be random and creative and surprise your wife on off days, but that doesn't give you an excuse not to remember the special days and occasions. Nothing can effect your wife so negatively as a missed birthday, anniversary or special day.

Togetherness: This is the key word or step to all of this. Marriage is all about unity...a bond of matrimony. So do things together. All the above steps are either an acknowledgment of the togetherness or a playing out of that same unity. Find stuff you like to do together and do it. Find shows or games you both like and stick with them. Make those your shows and your game. Protect them as something reserved just for the two of you and watch how that speaks volumes to your wife.

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  • You can also surprise your wife with love by coming home early from work, taking the kids for a day or any number of other creative ideas. It doesn't have to be something you buy.
  • One of my favorite questions to ask my wife is "What was the highlight of your day today?" It's amazing what that one question has done for us.

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