How to Show Someone You Like Them Without Being Obvious

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When you really like someone, you might get butterflies in your stomach whenever you see him, find yourself daydreaming about him and imagine your future together. If you feel ready to take things to the next stage and let him know you like him but don't want to make it too obvious, you can try making yourself more noticeable in his life by using some simple strategies and sending the right signals. Hopefully he'll realize that you like him and will want to know you better.

Step 1

Make one-on-one eye contact with the person who interests you for more than 10 seconds. Look around the room for about 30 seconds before letting your gaze settle on her again. When you begin to talk, shift your gaze every five or 10 seconds from her eyes to his mouth, then back again, recommends Nicholas Boothman, author of "How to Make Someone Fall in Love with You in 90 Minutes or Less." Keep in mind that a woman can send sexual signals by licking her lips slightly or playing with her hair, while a man can do the same by straightening his tie or running a hand through his hair.

Step 2

Use his name a lot when you are talking to him, recommends the Health Guidance website. Act interested in what he is saying. Ask questions to find out more about him. Share information about yourself, focusing on the things you have in common. Keep your face animated during conversation and laugh at his jokes.

Step 3

Make physical contact during conversation, recommends flirtation consultant Judy Dutton. Touch her forearm or elbow lightly at appropriate moments, such as whenever you laugh at her jokes. Lean toward her and briefly rest your hand on her arm when you're telling her something funny or private.

Step 4

Pay attention to him when you meet a second or third time, or if you see him on a regular basis, which might occur if you have mutual friends. If you remember his favorite drink from your last meeting or how he takes his coffee, order it for him. Talk to him whenever you get the chance if your second meeting is at a social event like a party. Remember your conversation from the last time you saw him, and ask how things are going in that department. Pay him compliments about his hair and the way he dresses, suggests Nicholas Boothman. Tell him that he smells great. Offer him a lift home if appropriate. Find him to say goodbye when you leave the party. Kiss him on the cheek or give him a hug before you leave. Tell him you hope to see him soon.

Step 5

Keep in touch with her. Send her an email telling her that you saw something that made you think of her. Keep it lighthearted and casual. End the email with a question to encourage her to email you back. Send her a text out of the blue just to say hello and reply to her texts immediately. Engage with her regularly on social media sites. Keep it casual; don't make her feel like you're stalking her. Remember her birthday and send her a card, flowers or a small gift. Make her a playlist of songs from her favorite bands, or songs you think she would like. Mention any upcoming gigs that might interest her, as they could lead to a date.

Step 6

Loan him a book, DVD or CD that he mentioned he liked. This shows you are paying attention to what he says -- and gives you an opportunity to see him again when he returns it to you.