How to Show Your Boyfriend That You Love Him Without Telling Him

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Even if you feel strongly about your boyfriend, stating it could cause him to put up a defensive wall, making additional communication difficult. Instead of verbally crossing potentially fragile, emotional boundaries, finding ways to show your boyfriend that you love him can make your messages of affection less intimidating.

Step 1

Increase your physical proximity when you are with your boyfriend. Physical proximity, explains professor Aaron Ben-Ze'ev in the book "Love Online: Emotions on the Internet," is a nonverbal indicator of emotional intensity. Getting physically close to your boyfriend is a natural step in communicating romantic interest. When you move physically closer to your boyfriend, pay attention to his nonverbal responses. If he responds with closed body language, such as folded arms or crossed legs, it is an indication that you may be moving too quickly for him.

Step 2

Touch your boyfriend more frequently and in a way that conveys your feelings. The progression of a relationship is associated with the frequency and nature of touch. If you're feeling love for your boyfriend, you're probably already enjoying the physical and physiological changes that occur with touch. Increasing how often you touch your boyfriend and gradually increasing your level of intimacy by maintaining contact for longer periods can provide him with nonverbal messages of affection. These messages translate into increasing levels of interest and intimacy for men.

Step 3

Perform gestures that indicate that you love your boyfriend. Couples who continue to grow closer demonstrate acts of warmth. Choose your boyfriend's favorite meal and prepare a special dinner or his favorite dessert. If your boyfriend has a favorite television show, movie or sport that you haven't previously watched with him, take the time to do so to show support for his interests. Keep in mind that this doesn't imply that you have to become a fan of his interests. Instead, you're expressing a desire to show warmth toward him and using these opportunities to merge your lives gradually.

Step 4

Provide your boyfriend with frequent visual indications that you have strong feelings for him. Men, authors Allan and Barbara Pease explain in the book "Why Men Want Sex and Women Need Love: Solving the Mystery of Attraction," respond to visual cues that indicate the potential for a deepening relationship. This, they continue, is more instinctual and associated, at its most basic level, with evaluating reproductive health. Since men respond to visual cues, wear an article of clothing that you know your boyfriend will appreciate.