Setting Up a Cigar Bar at a Wedding Reception

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Your wedding is a time for fun and celebration, and for a groom that might include smoking a celebratory cigar with the groomsmen; so, why not set up a cigar bar at your reception? Create a space for the groom and his guests to reflect and unwind. Once you've found a smoke-friendly area, build the bar with a variety of cigars and accessories. You might even hire a professional cigar master if your budget permits.

Choose Your Space

Check with your reception venue for their smoking policy and if smoking is permitted indoors. For indoor winter weddings, check with your venue provider whether you can reserve an additional room close enough to the reception area, but with its own ventilation system. Separating your reception and cigar bar prevents nonsmokers from breathing secondhand smoke and prevents minors from being tempted. Alternatively, you can set up a cigar bar in your reception room, but ask those partaking to move outdoors and smoke. Even if your wedding takes place in the warmer months and you have an outdoor reception, keep enough distance between smokers and guests so that the smoke does not offend your nonsmoking guests.

Build Your Bar

Once you have established the perfect location for your cigar bar, you need accessories, an elegant table that matches the wedding decor and a sign that reads “cigar bar.” Bring in one or two humidors to keep the cigars fresh or even a coolidor for storing many cigars. Have two or three cigar cutters on the table so guests may clip a clean end for smoking. Purchase at least two good lighters, and keep extra lighter fluid on hand. Have enough ashtrays available so that no ashes hit the floor, and keep a few candy dishes on hand, filled with mints for smokers to enjoy after their cigar. Ask the venue organizer to place a portable fire extinguisher near your bar and note the location.

Purchase Your Cigars

Choose an assortment of cigars. If the groom is a connoisseur, he will know which cigars to purchase. However, if the groom is a novice, seek advice from a tobacconist at a cigar store. Ask your tobacconist for limited release cigars, pricier than usual cigars ideal for very special occasions. A wedding cigar bar may attract people who normally do not smoke cigars but who may wish to do so in the spirit of the moment, so include special occasion, mild cigars suited for the novice smoker.

Hire a Professional

If your budget permits, hire a professional cigar roller to entertain guests and allow them to experience a freshly rolled cigar. Depending on how far you would like to take your cigar bar, you may also consider hiring a cigar master. Cigar masters are experts in their field and will educate your guests about the cigars they're smoking, and how to cut, toast and properly light cigars. A cigar master may even teach your guests how to choose an alcohol to pair with their cigars, whether it's cognac, single malt whisky, bourbon, rum, rye or port.