Serving Crock Pot Beef Stew


0:03 Hi this is Dave for Expert Village today were going to make some crock pot beef stew. As

0:09 you can see we got a little thicker sauce here were going to reintroduce to this into

0:16 our stew just pour that right over the top there. See how nice and thick that's getting

0:25 continue to get a little bit thicker once it's back into the crock pot so turn off your

0:31 heat put your pan aside. And just reintroduce this in and mix it in see those nice big chunks

0:43 of meat just falling apart all your nice potatoes and carrots, onions, and mushrooms. Now you

0:52 can either serve this just in a bowl or you can serve it over pasta or even rice for that

1:00 matter. Look how nice that is and were going to ladle this up into a bowl.