Seminary Schools for a Music Ministry

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Church music ministry trains people who are musically gifted and who have passion for spreading the Word of God to use music as a tool for preaching. Seminary schools take the musically gifted and train musicians to compose music from their heart and to perform their instrument in ways that touch the masses and fill them with the Holy Spirit. Music ministry also preaches through music to offer spiritual nutrition to the faithful. A number of seminary schools across the country teach this ministerial method of bringing church ministry to the masses via music.

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Southwestern takes musicians and shapes them into vessels of spiritual fervor, training them to deliver ministerial news though music. Southwestern’s School of Church Music offers a bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in music ministry. The school’s degree programs are fully accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music, and the courses within the BA program contain all the ones found in the BA in Humanities, with the exception of physical education, languages and fine arts. Rather, the BA in music consists of three focal areas: performance, worship and composition. Students who graduate with this degree can take active roles in their church to lead congregations in musical praise.

United Theological Seminary

The Floyd and Elaine Flake Certificate in Music Ministry, offered through the Methodist United Theological Seminary, provides preparation for music ministry from a church-centered, faith-based point of view with an emphasis on testifying to both public and private sectors of the community. New students are greeted with courses in teaching Biblical faith and ministry, followed by an introductory course in theology and music. Additional courses include Congregational Songs, Technology in Music Ministry and Ensemble Leadership. Students get to participate in workshops and concerts to fine-tune their skills, and they have the option to take online leadership courses in preparation for their professional careers.

New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

Students can receive an education in music ministry while gaining additional inspiration through the musical culture that consumes the heart of New Orleans. The Division of Church Music Ministries is designed to develop passion and perseverance in “Kingdom-minded” music, as the school’s website states, and it combines biblical ministry preparation with courses that complement current church practices as defined by worship leadership. All associates, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees offered through the seminary are fully accredited through the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. The Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada also accredits graduate programs. Finally, the National Association of Schools of Music gives accreditation to the seminary.

Fuller Theological Seminary

Based in Pasadena, California, Fuller Theological Seminary offers a critical approach to church music while exploring the rich musical heritage of worship. Before students pursue degrees in music ministry, they are first taught to understand how music serves as an important vessel in teaching and promoting the Holy Spirit. Fuller Theological Seminary offers Music Ministry as an emphasis area of study to the Master of Divinity or Master of Art in Theology and Ministry. Students will be taught by faculty members who are musicians, scholars and church practitioners who have a deep passion for helping students think in biblical terms about music’s role in worship. Courses include Music in Worship, Music Leadership Practicum, and Music and Theology.