Second Marriage Wedding Shower Ideas

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A second marriage wedding shower is generally a time for friends and family of the bride--and maybe even the groom-to-be--to gather and socialize. As stated by Peggy Post of Good Housekeeping, since gifts are not required for a second wedding, particularly if you gave one for the first wedding, they are also not required for the second marriage shower. Thus, instead of focusing the shower around gift-opening, other appropriate activities should be planned.

Family-Oriented Potluck at the Park

A second marriage wedding shower should follow the rules of a second wedding, suggests the writers at I Do Take Two. While showers are traditionally smaller, slightly more intimate events than weddings, the same could hold true for a second shower. On the other hand, brides and grooms getting married for a second time often have something they might not have had the first time around: children.

Because the couple might have kids this time around, it might be an appropriate time to throw a more festive gathering, making it an affair for the entire family. The Knot suggests you throw a family-oriented shower if you do plan to include children. Rent a pavilion or two at a nearby park for an easy, cost-effective shower. Suggest on the shower invitation that guests bring a dish in lieu of a gift to make the menu even simpler. Hire a babysitter and/or magician for the children and set up a softball game for some of the guests. The park should have plenty of picnic tables where people can socialize and sit down to eat.

Wine and Cheese Night

The couple that has everything including a first marriage under their belt doesn't necessarily need all of the home goods usually brought to a bride's first shower. And because gifts (especially expensive gifts) aren't necessary at a second marriage wedding shower, throw a shower revolving around something they've learned to love together.

If the bride- and groom-to-be are wine-lovers, a wine cellar themed party is perfect for the ladies, or even as a co-ed shindig. Hold a wine cellar party during a private wine tasting at a local shoppe, or at the house of a close friend of the couple. Provide cheese and wine, and let the celebration begin!

Camping Getaway

A camping getaway at a local campground is a creative second marriage shower idea for the outdoorsy couple and their friends and family. For guests who would like to be included but do not wish to stay the night, note on the shower invitation that an outdoor lunch will be provided at the campground on Day 1, and people are welcome to either leave afterward or stay for the overnight activities.

Provide traditional campground food, such as hot dogs and hamburgers. Bridal Shower Ideas For You suggests that the couple can give canteens or flashlights as shower favors.