Seasoning for Blue Hake

by Aya Pauli
A variety of seasonings pair well with blue hake.

A variety of seasonings pair well with blue hake.

Blue hake is a firm whitefish with a mild flavor. Like most fish, it pairs well with a variety of seasonings. Whether you use the seasoning before or after you cook the fish, you want to keep the accent light enough to prevent it from overwhelming the mellow fish taste.

Seasonings for Hake

When it comes to seasoning blue hake, the sky’s the limit, as long as you keep the overall flavor light. Try any citrus seasoning, from lime juice to lemon pepper, to give the fish a tangy taste. Go for a woodsy flavor with smoked paprika, smoked chipotle pepper or smoked salt. Sprinkle tomatoes, sweet basil, sweet paprika or honey mustard over the hake to bring out the natural sweetness of the fish. For a fiery kick, use cayenne pepper, black pepper, hot paprika, salsa or red pepper sauce. Keep things mellow with a light layer of mayonnaise, parsley or garlic salt.

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