What Do I Say to My Boyfriend to Make Him Feel Amazing?

by Nina Edwards

Although it’s not always easy making a boyfriend feel good about himself, you will have a more fulfilling relationship if you make it a habit to try. Just like women, an occasional pat on the back for a man can go a long way. In fact, if you are creative enough, your praise can make him feel like Superman.

I Choose You

If your boyfriend struggles with taming negative thoughts, you can help him by heeding the advice of Mark White, a philosophy professor at the College of Staten Island. White says it’s difficult to continue thinking negatively about yourself when someone that you admire admires you back. Your words will evoke feelings in him, and feelings are always contagious. So, tell him that he is your all. Tell him that he fulfills you and that if you were to do it all over again you would still choose him.

Support Him

When you are supportive of a man, he will love you for it. Speaking well of your boyfriend in public will earn you special credit, not only with him but with those around as well. Find out what he is aiming to be and assume that he will achieve his goal. If, for example, he is striving for a better salary, tell him that you have already picked out a great restaurant to go to, to celebrate his upcoming raise. Not only is this type of emotional support healthy for your relationship, reports a 2009 study in the "Journal of Family Psychology," it will motivate him to work even harder at it.

The Search Is Over

Tell him he is “the one.” That may be the most romantic and declarative statement you can make to the person you love, suggests psychotherapist Barton Goldsmith. It is not only short and sweet, but it is broad and rich in meaning and its impact. Letting him know that he is that one special person in your life may have the same effect, if not more, as telling him that you love him.

Sweet, Sweet Candy

Everybody needs "ear-candy." Words that are sweet to hear. It does the heart some good. These words have been called "sweet nothings." But with all the pressures of life, it is important to sometimes take a light-hearted approach. Tell your boyfriend that he is so sweet, he is giving you cavities. Ask him if he is a magician, because every time you look at him everyone else disappears. There are many people -- strangers, work mates, family and friends -- who put your boyfriend down and make him feel like a nobody. You are not one of them. Give him wings and watch him fly.

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