How to Make a Sample Letter of Sympathy

It is sometimes difficult to express our sympathy over a loss with the right words. This sample of how to write a sympathy letter might give you some guidance.

Hand write your sympathy letter neatly and slowly and with thought. Try to balance apologetic with an inspirational message celebrating them as a person.

Make a initial statement in your letter of sympathy indicating your awareness of event and expressing your sense of loss and grief.

Offer your sympathy and explain how you are saddened.

Acknowledge the great things about their person as well as fond memories or an explanation of what endeared you to them.

Offer a inspirational message, prayer, or poem in your letter. You can find sample messages of condolence and sympathy verses on line and in text to help you choose the right words.

Offer your help and support and provide your name and phone number to call.

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